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Name Period The 5 Paragraph Burger Essay Mr. Middleswart - - English 10/10B There are certain things that as you go through school you NEED to know how to do. So pay attention to the Triple Whopper format below - we ll use it often this semester and you ll use it frequently in the future as well. The Top Bun - Paragraph 1 - Introduction. In this paragraph the format in order is - Hook - how can you draw your reader in - Transition - how to get to your main info - Preview main points - Thesis...
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. Continue reading How to write a 10th grade English essay in 5 paragraphs… and why it's important! This article shows you a quick way to write an English 10th grade essay that will require the use of 5 distinct clauses. The Essay Structure A good way to remember a few good grammar rules to keep your ideas simple and straightforward is to think of the first 30 words of your essay as the “initials” of a line of sentences. For example, “What is your favorite color?” is the initial of “What is your favorite color?” — which is followed by a series of sentence-structure lines. The next thing that you “add” to the line of sentences are sentences. The sentences help build the sentence structure, making it easy for your readers to follow you and understand what you meant when you wrote the original 5 paragraphs (which is important for an essay — one paragraph doesn't stand on its own). The following “clauses” are your 3 main paragraphs of the essay. The 3 paragraphs are really just a series of “clauses” that have a couple of sentences inside each. The first paragraph of the essay basically tells the story of the character who it is you are writing about. The 3 paragraphs that you add to the initial will tell how that character thinks, feels, and what their opinions are. The next paragraph is the exposition. You tell the reader what's going on in the world and what the character cares about. It also shows the reader what has been written down. After your exposition, the third paragraph is your conclusion. You tell the reader your “what-if” questions/ideas. The final sentence is the conclusion. You say what the character hoped would happen if they did something, what they “expected” should they do something, or what the reader would expect you to say if they knew them. The Five Paragraph Structure There are 5 very important parts to any 10th grade essay, and you need them all: The first paragraph (informational) The second paragraph (exposition) The third paragraph (conclusion) The fourth paragraph (what-if) Here's how each of these paragraphs should be put together: Introduction 1. What is your name? 2. What's your favorite color? 3. What are you hoping or expecting would happen? 4.
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